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About Me – Jamie Ferguson

My name is Jamie Ferguson and I am the owner of Clairvoyants NZ. I am a professional psychic and clairvoyant myself providing a whole range of clairvoyant readings, psychic readings, tarot card readings and many other services to people in New Zealand.

I have been a clairvoyant most of my life and have a passion for promoting spiritual healing through clairvoyance within NZ. I have traveled all around the country far and wide helping people with their understanding of clairvoyance allowing them to see that it’s not just some mumbo-jumbo witchcraft that doesn’t work.

Once people start to see the full picture and understand what it is about, they tend to become more open-minded about the topic and much more receptive to deciding to get readings on a regular basis.

My proudest moments are after performing psychic readings to people who have never had one done before in their lives and finally see the power of it. It always amazes me and humbles me the amount of positive feedback about how a reading has greatly affected their lives in a positive way.

Clairvoyance is a wonderful gift and it can help those who are struggling with their lives, maybe they have taken a path that is leading them down the wrong way.

Or maybe they are struggling with relationships, marriage, or even family and friendships can all be helped with clairvoyant readings from a professional. Some people struggle with making career choices or deciding on where to study and even to take control of their finances.

The wonderful gift of clairvoyance is among us in New Zealand and I wish to spread the word and also educate people who may potentially be gifted without realizing.

Imagine that! Just having an amazing gift hidden inside you for all these years sitting dormant until you discover the path towards mindfulness and spirituality. At Clairvoyance NZ we can help with all of that.

About Clairvoyance NZ

Clairvoyance NZ was started as a mass research project into spirituality within New Zealand and we built the site as a large data source to help us find and track down clairvoyants who are truly gifted and open to sharing their abilities and helping other people to improve their lives.

However, we soon realized that it also had another purpose that was just perfect use for the data that we had collected. We decided to use the website as a way to provide our advice and opinions on the best psychics and clairvoyants for New Zealand.

Users can easily navigate throughout the site and view all the regions in New Zealand and pick the one where they are located in order to find a clairvoyant that is going to be of great help to them.

We out a great amount of work and time into this project and we’re proud to say that it is open for business and ready to help provide clairvoyants to anyone in New Zealand and beyond who are wanting to find an accurate reading.

We hope that you are as impressed and excited about Clairvoyants NZ as we are!! Contact us today for any questions, otherwise you can browse through the website in your own time and make a decision on who to go to.

Contact Details

Feel free to get in touch with Jamie Ferguson at any time and she will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can email us at info@clairvoyants.co.nz or talk to Jamie on our social channels.