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A capital city, with its abundant political and social energy, is nothing without a psychic refuge, a place where a clairvoyants guidance can be found to help see through the fog of negative aura’s, capitalist desires and baser instincts. The strong winds whipping up from the Cook Strait aid in clearing our vision and decluttering our minds, but even Mother Nature can do little to combat the negativity of her creation.

Our lives are a cluttered smorgasbord of feelings, emotions and decisions all mixed up and every person we meet, we combine that clutter and make it even harder to see the truth in our lives.

Finding clarity in yourself, in other souls and in life is much more readily attainable in a natural environment where negativity of man’s structures and interference is minimal. Our clairvoyant service in Wellington is the cornerstone of psychic abilities in New Zealand, being within convenient reach for souls on both the north and south island. It is also a natural meeting point where spirits wandering both islands can easily meet. If you are seeking a more meaningful life with zero regrets of want might have been, renewed karma and tantric pieces, it all starts with us at Clairvoyants Wellington.

Are you seeking to find clarification to live life fully, to course through life’s toughest decisions with fierce certainty like one elevated with a higher power?

You can with the guidance of our Wellington Clairvoyants.

Clairvoyance – The hidden key to clarity

To abolish the external radiation and delve deeply into oneself is the unconditional way to salvation of one’s internal soul and to a life beyond your allotted means. Every person is able to practise this art of clairvoyance but only a brave enough to try. You were destined to find me here and it is a clear sign that you are one of the brave that are ready for psychic elevation. You are ready to rip the veil from your eyes and see what life truly is about and step forward into it with certainty.
I am your clairvoyant in Wellington, your guide to spiritual success.

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Discover a new life with Clairvoyance

If you are a seeker of truth and wish to discover clairvoyant abilities for yourself, my psychic services are ready to guide you. Through my clairvoyant teachings, I plunge deeply into your innermost psyche and provide clear sight, clarity and purity into your hardest life decisions. Did you know that the decision to all of your toughest problem is already made up in my mind? However, due to self-imposed mental barriers and negative chi, you cannot reach them. With my clairvoyant help, I will help you find them. I have rescued countless souls here in Wellington and have given them the tools to uncover their hidden truths and provided clarity to their decisions. Lost souls from all across our New Zealand have visited me and have left with inner peace and decisive nature.

Learn to become Wellington Clairvoyant

You are born with the means to conjure mediums, to be clairvoyant and see beyond the 6 senses. On the day we are all born into this earth, our two eyes open but one remains closed. Some of us are fortunate, our third eye opens early on in childhood, through a combination of events that enlighten us or through simple fate we are made aware of the hidden chakras that our bodies contain.

My clairvoyant training allows me to dig through years of repression, tear through the creepers and vines that bind your third eye shut and allow it to open like the first tulip in spring. Through the rise of the new sun of your third eye, you will truly see the world around you and gain vast insight into your life and understanding of the people around you. Seeing a person with all three eyes open allows you to comprehend their motivations and thought more clearly, to visualize their aura and understand whether or not they deserve a place in your life.

Fortune Telling, Psychic Readings, and Palm Reading Wellington

I am not alone in my clairvoyant enclave in Wellington. There are a number of us clairvoyants, all who see in different forms. We can see through our senses and through the touch, gaining clarity by those gifts we have attuned. Us clairvoyants of Wellington have abilities and understands of a palm reader and fortune teller. We are ready and able to help you in any of your life’s decisions and train you to go further in life. Whichever psychic service that you may require, whether to gain truth and communication or to learn to be clairvoyant yourself, we can provide for you. A fortune teller can read the signals that your aura is releasing and hone into your frequency. Being able to decipher what the fortune has written for you. If clarity is what you seek and you are looking to discover what you have been dealt with birth, palm reading the road that shall open for you. Your life has been written onto the palm of your hand and through the thoughtful study of the tree of life, Jewish symbols, spiritualism and numerology and the Kabbalah, our clairvoyant palm reader can show you what life has been dealt for you.